Tips on Being in Front of the Camera on your Wedding day!

Just Relax
 The easiest way to get a natural smile is to think happy thoughts or imagine something funny. I often talk to my couples about their wedding preparations or how they met as it always makes them smile. The best photos come when you forget you’re being photographed. So once you’re in position for a photo I ask my couples to look at each other rather then focusing on what I am doing.

Relax your hands 
Hands easily show awkwardness so avoid clenching your fists or curling your fingers (as it sometime looks like your going to throw a punch!). Try holding the bouquet in one hand. If you’re sitting down, gently clasp hands together (keep fingers unlocked) and rest them on your leg. For grooms, it’s easy, just put one hand in your pocket occasionally.

Arms slightly away from your body 
If you hold your arms straight down by your side, your upper arms will be pressed against your body, which flattens them and makes them look bigger than they are.

Bend it 
Bent arms look more relaxed than straight ones, so hold your bouquet loosely in the hand nearest the camera then bend your elbow so that your bouquet is at waist height. 

Good posture can really improve how you look in photos. It will ensure your dress sits properly and help you look more confident too. So whether you’re sitting or standing, keep your spine straight. But remember to relax your shoulders to avoid looking stiff. Also when standing or sitting I often ask my brides to turn so they are at a 45 degree angle putting weight on their back leg and therefore sticking their hip out. It’s a typical model pose but there is a reason why they do it.

Time your smile  
A natural smile can soon look stale if you try to hold it too long. So when your group photos are being taken, try to relax between each shot then smile at the last moment, I will warn you when I am about to take the shots and often take multiple shots of each group to ensure I can see all your gorgeous smiling faces!

The thing that will help you relax the most in front of the camera is the photographer. So choose well and book someone you have a good rapport with. I offer an engagement shoot to all my couples, giving you a chance to practice and get to know me better. It gets all the nerves of being photographed out of the way as well.

 Don’t suck your tummy in. That often means you hold your breath, which makes it hard to give natural expressions and make you look tense. Breath normally you will look more relaxed.

Allow Time I always recommend 30-40 minutes for the couple shots so we can create something special, its fine if you only have 10-20 minutes but be realistic on what can be achieved. Doing the couple shots is one of the more relaxing parts of your wedding day and probably the only time you will be alone until the day finishes, so enjoy it together!

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